tooth extraction mesa

Does a Tooth Extraction Hurt? Tell Me the Truth!

A tooth extraction is sometimes necessary when damaged teeth cause concern for your dentist who has a duty to protect your oral health and smile. While dentists use extractions in worse-case scenarios when treatments will not help the tooth, it nonetheless causes the patient to experience anxiety and fear about the procedure.

tooth extraction mesa

Does it Hurt?

The biggest concern most people share about tooth extraction mesa concerns the pain. More than anything, they want to know if a tooth extraction will hurt. The truth is, a tooth extraction would be a very painful procedure without modern tools, technology, and medication. But, since all of those things are easily accessible, getting a tooth extraction doesn’t hurt.

Smile With Confidence

It’s easy to say don’t worry or let go of your fear but it is natural to have some concern about the procedure. On top of the fear of the pain, most people worry about how they’ll look or how they’ll talk when missing a tooth. Dentists offer a multitude of tooth restoration options that put these concerns to an end and ensure you maintain all of the confidence in the world after the extraction.

Ease Your Fears of Visiting the Dentist

Of course, for patients that are really worried or scared, sedation dentistry is available. Many patients use sedation dentistry for tooth extractions to ease their fears. It is a safe procedure and while you are awake the whole time, you really won’t have concerns with the dentist and the procedure at hand.

The Answers You Need

Talk to the dentist. Try to relax. Learn information online. Ask questions. Although you may not be able to stop the worry, you can minimize your fear and ensure a successful tooth extraction procedure when it is time.

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