dentist rancho cucamonga

Confronting Your Fear Of The Dentist

The dentist is possibly the one doctor that most people want to avoid like the plague.  Unlike other doctors that look at our overall health, the dentist is someone that we instantly associate fear and pain.  The dentist is just like any other doctor that you may come across.  A dentist rancho cucamonga will be the same as a dentist anywhere else in the world.

Understand their role

dentist rancho cucamonga

To remove fear, you need to understand their role.  A dentist job is to look at your teeth as well as your overall oral health.  When we walk into a dentist’s office we are presented with a large chair, a light, sink and a bunch or instruments and tools that look like they came out of a horror movie.

The role of a dentist is to make sure that your teeth and guns are healthy and clean.  They do this my removing plaque and other material from the surface of your teeth.  These substances can be removed by you during the brushing process.  However, over time the assistance of a dentist is needed since the plaque and other buildups are too hard to remove on your own.

Fixing teeth

Over time our teeth may become damaged or in need of repair.  When this happens, a dentist will have the skills and training to know what it is we need to find and how to fix it.  When fixing our teeth, we will be dealing with the nerves in our mouth.  The nerves in our mouth are possibly the most sensitive which is why dentists get such a bad rap. 

When working on our teeth our mouth will be numbed and then work can be done.  However, when the numbing agent wears off the pain from the nerves will be immense.  This is not the fault of the dentist, but rather human biology.  With this understanding it is now time to look at a dentist in a different light.

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